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goal-setting guide

Do you struggle to create and stick to goals that are in alignment with your values? Well, that stops today. In this sample module from the 3P's to Financial Prosperity Course, you will learn to create a framework for developing and achieving meaningful financial goals that can transform your life. Click here to get started today!

Webinar: Budgets(that don't suck)

In this webinar, Marques outlines a budgeting process that allows you to blend your personality traits with the best practices of cash flow management. By combining the personal and financial sides of your money, you will be able to create a framework to boost your level of financial satisfaction, while experiencing more comfort and peace with your money. Click here to view!

Business Financial Checkup Workbook

This workbook will allow you to quickly assess your business and personal financial health. As you work through the workbook, you will be able to evaluate and strategize on items such as cash flow, retirement planning, risk management, and more. Click here to receive your copy today!

Your Money Matters Summit Interview

Marques was recently interviewed by Michelle Boss as a part of the Your Money Matters Summit. Michelle and Marques talked about some of the most common money issues that relate to families and couples. Click here to have a listen.

An Overview of the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act (Jan. 2018)

In this podcast episode, Marques had a chance to speak with Keith Staffaroni, EA of Staffaroni and Sons Accounting to discuss the most significant changes to non-corporate taxpayers as a result of the passing of the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act. Click here to have a listen.

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